Gaia Pope DORSET murder why didn't the helicopter crew spot the clothes in the field days ago?

By what means of transport did she LEAVE the house in Manor Gardens after instead of TLC she pleaded for she was subjected to verbal abuse ?? IF she has left on foot then surely between there and leaving the edges of the town and residential areas where they all have driveway CCTV's how many more pieces of footage would be able to put together the route taken ? She was recorded on CCTV running IN to Manor Gardens so she would also be recorded leaving if she has left on foot and most likely walking not running again IF not then she has left Manor Gardens by vehicle so it was NOT the last time she was seen by anyone that is NOT the case as either way she will have been sighted IF she left (without her jacket) by vehicle who was driving it and to where and why and with a GP appointment that day why did she not have someone to support her ? A GP or Neurologist needs to hear accounts of seizures from other people (witnesses) her family say her seizures were becoming worse and hardly a day passed without fits Why did creepy old woman Rosemary Dinch not calm her down and call an ambulance ? SHE KNEW she was DEAD when she exhibited that "sobbing" about giving her a hug neighbours (who try to avoid that group of people) say they heard arguments going off EDITS !!!!!!!!!!!! ++++++ Gaia Pope WAS MURDERED and either she or her body was TAKEN to that spot Greg Elsey (arrogant) He was too quick and eager to *get a solicitor* for his 49 year old who went to ground FAST next thing he is in all kinds of newspaper shots eagerly helping with the search ALL LIVED in the same "like a little community" (quoted by neighbours who avoid them) Media WE HAVE seen Greg Elsey Nathan Elsey and Rosemary Dinch WHY NOT Paul Elsey ? MONEY changing hands *at the masonic lodge* property owners Paul the golden goose price NO object exonerate him as quickly as possible Paul Elsey who "couldn't stand her" WHY what did she have on him ? ==========================