Atheists: what will happen to rural america if the republican party are finished?

a large chunk of rural america will always want right wing creeps in power, if the republican party are brought down because of scandals what will happen to working class america?

The truth is that the democratic party is corrupt as well and America needs to elect a third party president and elected officials so that we can have leaders that actually care about the country rather than strengthening their own political party or lining the pockets of their supporters. I voted for Trump this year hoping that the his presidency shakes up the system and exposes the media for being even more corrupt than the parties so that the next cycle the people can have their choice be allowed in the debates and to get equal support in their campaigns. I wanted Ron Paul to be our next president when he ran and this last election didn't have a qualified person in it as far as I was concerned so I voted Trump knowing that he would scare the world and hopefully inspire real change in the system. Hope this helps.